No Place for  Hate Registration Form


No Place For Hate Registration Form

School Name and Type

Please type the full/official name of the school or organization you are registering. For example: You would type "John Lewis Elementary School" instead of "Lewis Elementary", or "John Lewis ES". You must only enter one school per submission. This will be used for the NPFH Banner at the end of the year.

Geographical Information

Please include JUST the street address, not city, state, or zip.

Please type the full/official name of the district. For example: You would type "Cypress-Fairbanks Unified School District" instead of "Cypress Fairbanks", or "CFUSD".
Basic Information

Student Demographics Information

Staff Demographics Information

Staff Information - Please enter the contact information for your No Place for Hate Coordinator(s) and Principal

By becoming involved with No Place for Hate, we understand that ADL retains the authority to approve our school's No Place for Hate application, review our activities and award the No Place for Hate designation at its sole discretion based on timely submission of required forms according to deadlines set by ADL. Any changes to staffing the No Place for Hate School Coordinator role shall be communicated to ADL promptly. Upon satisfactory completion of the No Place for Hate initiative, our school will receive a No Place for Hate banner to display on school premises for the school year immediately following the school year during which the designation was earned. It is further agreed that Anti-Defamation League, ADL, No Place for Hate and A World Of Difference Institute are trademarks of ADL. Our school and school district agree to only create and produce materials related to our participation in ADL programs with approval from ADL.
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